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The hopportunity knocked, we had our hops high and thought: let’s see what hoppens?

The hopportunity knocked, we had our hops high and thought: let’s see what hoppens?

Puns aside, we went a little on the unusual side with this limited release and decided to try something that is hopefully (WHOOPS!Not a hop pun haha) unexpected. After all, to stretch boundaries, experiment and go for the out-of-ordinary is what funk cider is about.

In reality, the idea for the hopped cider might have more to do with Martin’s passion for hoppy beers or his love for Feral’s Biggie Juice - who knows!

To make the hoppy release we started with a cider base which has a secret blend of West Australian apples, boosted with local honey to get it to that beautiful 8% ABV and bless the cider with a nice body. Closer to the end of the four-week fermentation we added Mosaic hops, allowed them to infuse for a few days and filtered the final hopped cider.

It took four different trials with four different hops before we decided on the Mosaic hop. It all comes down to flavour and body. The other hops ended up being either too bitter or too hoppy, making it a bit too overwhelming against the cider.

The biggest challenge was actually filtering it. Friendly advice: DO NOT ASK OUR CIDER MAKER, KEVIN, ABOUT IT! He will tell you it was a b**** to filter, taking around three times the time it usually takes to filter our ciders. Therefore, this might be a enjoy-while-you-can- release, because it might be too hard to make it again haha

For the curious ones, we have added 5g of Mosaic hops of each litre of cider. The Mosaic hops give the cider a super juicy flavour with berry and grape notes and a really nice full body. Enjoy this cider nice and fresh - this is not one for aging fellas.

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