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Apples, American Oak, Aussie Cowboys, BBQ pork Ribs & 23 stories. Bare with us… it will all make sense.

Introducing: American Hustle, funk’s latest winter seasonal with the warmest feels to keep your boots kickin’- A single variety apple cider aged in American Oak for that smooth bourbon finish.

Whether it happened or not, there’s always a story to be told, or so says Uncle John, Wheatbelt’s (un)official storyteller.

This is the story of a winter cider, the story of a hairy-chested cider maker, the story of how local apples and Aussie Cowboys collided after a trip to America.

Back in 2019, when travelling was a normal thing to do, and millennials were “finding them(our)selves” on trips to Europe, Canada & America, Martin (*enters Aussie Cowboy #1*) was in America experiencing what freedom tasted like with z’s instead of s’s and in the format of craft beers and craft ciders. Inspired, he brought his blundies back to Australia and said:

“Let’s make a cider aged in American Oak in a way that resembles that American muscle

but also delivers that smooooth bourbon finish.”

Dinkum. It happened like that, word by word, whilst drinking a Perth Cider with Dougie (*enters Aussie Cowboy #2*) at the Funk Cider House back in the Swan Valley.

Our Aussie Cowboys are generational farmers, which meant the craft of cider had to honour that. Sundowner Apples are originally from Western Australia, bred by John Cripps, the same creator of the Pink Ladies. We chose Sundowners because they have the most amount of power (according to Martin), and with its harvest season starting in May, it makes for the perfect option for a winter cider.

The American Oak supports the sweetness of the apples whilst giving it a robust body to match the variety’s robust flavour and boost its aromatic characteristics. The two combined finish with a smooth bourbon-like note. Perfect for Western Australia’s colder nights.

James (*enters Aussie Cowboy #3*), the cider maker, conveys that we have sourced 4,400kg of Sundowner Apples from Manjimup to make the American Hustle. Rumour has it that the tasting process has resulted in Kevin sharing a total of 23 stories and somehow created a strange effect on poor old Wise, who now keeps repeating “BBQ Pork Ribs”... truth be told, we think he’s onto something there… could it be a perfect pair?

American Hustle is coming on the 4th of July. Get your hands on those cans and tell us: What is your story? #wintercider

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