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Saison Moi, S'il vous plaît

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

On The Spotlight 

Saison Cider, bringing “Sophistication” to the table.

Great names come with great responsibilities:

Finesse, Mon’Amour! Saison is a highly aromatic yeast that gives the cider a soft floral aroma and delicious peppery notes.

Where it comes from matters:

With all apples and even the packaging itself sourced from less than 300km from Perth the Saison makes for a peppery and more savoury dry cider to convert your mate that “only drinks beer” into a cider fan. This fine cider is 100% cold-pressed, fermented and canned in the beautiful Swan Valley.

The stuff that dreams are made of:

Made with a blend of Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples, we added the Saison yeast to give it a touch of sophisticated funk.

Get your fancy on with these tasting notes:

Style: Dry

Aroma: Aromatic with floral apples & soft oak. 

Taste: Unlike the aroma, the flavour is dry, savoury with biscuity malt notes.

Mouthfeel: Light & Refreshing

We enjoy ours with:

All things pub food and barbeque.

The Story of Saison

Country boys, like us, always like a good link to agriculture and Saison is right up that ally! Saison means season in French and the saisonniers were migrant farmhands who would travel in summer looking for work.

The farmers, looking after their French hard-workers, would offer them beer as a refreshment; A great reward after spending a long day in the sun, sweating in fields and orchards. 

The beer, however, was made from whatever they could find and the alcohol levels should not be the usual 9% that they were used to at the time. Picture the sharp and dangerous equipment that they were handling, like ploughshares and scythes with drunk workers! That would be a recipe for disaster! The migrant workers’ beer needed a yeast that could handle the job and work well with all the variables.

Saison was the yeast for it! A reliable, versatile yeast.

Drew Beechum wrote a Saison Manifesto! Mind you, he is a beer brewer and Saison was originally used in beers, hence all the beer references.


“A Saison Must Be:
Dry – Thou shall not make a Saison that is not dry. These beers require an amazing level of attenuation. Any sweet characters should be perceptual - e.g. a sugar top note, an herbal sweetness.
Earthy – A dry beer with nothing interesting is just a boring moisture suck. The best Saisons have a middle character of malt and earthy tones that set up the finish.
Spicy – You need tones on the palette that grab and wake you up. A cinnamon thing, a pepper bite, herbal, hot. This spice breaks the earthy middle and leads right to the CO2 sting of the finish.
Lively – Nothing worse than a “dead” Saison. The beer needs to be alive in the glass with plenty of carbonation. A touch of sourness can boost the heart rate as well.
Tangy? – Maybe, but it’s not actually a requirement. (nor is brett)
Yeast Driven – More than any other style, Saison is defined by its yeast.  Treated properly, the strains produce every one of the necessary characters for our beer. Damn the man and his ways.”


For craft cider makers, like us here at FUNK, Saison is an exciting yeast to work with.

The French Saison yeast is one to give that extra character to the cider. It is known for its spicy and peppery notes often displaying a citrusy component in the aroma. It shows higher attenuation, leading to a dryer finish.

If you are a homebrewer looking to make your own French cider at home, the French Saison could be a good choice for you! It enhances the aromas of added spices, so have some fun and have a go at trying a recipe for a spiced farmhouse cider.

Our Saison cider is always available on tap at THE FUNK CIDER HOUSE

for dine-in and squealer fills. If you like practicality, then grab some cans to take-away and enjoy!

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