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Perth Cider

“Your local” Perth Cider as the ever classic cider and our our number one best seller!

If this was any more local, we’d be in your living room (quote shoutout to John Stallwood, Nail Brewing)

With all apples and even the packaging itself sourced from lless than 300km from perth, this is the local mate you’ve been hanging out for - and yes you can legally keep it within 1.5 metres of your tongue! To make you feel even better again - this beauty is 100% cold pressed, fermented and canned in the beautiful Swan Valley.

Using a secret blend of pink lady and granny smith apples this cider was carefully crafted to be sessionable, refreshing and naturally fruit forward for those all day social activities. Landing at a very approachable 4.8% ABV, it’s just enough to make you salivate ;)

As always this cider is free from: concentrates, pasteurisation, preservatives, sulphites and added sugar.

Style: New world, medium-dry

Aroma: Fruit candy, freshly baked apfelstrudel

Taste: Vibrant green apple with fresh acidity

Mouthfeel: Crisp with refreshing acidity

We enjoy ours with:

Seafood, fried food, creamy dairy - where the natural acidity of this cider will cut through the palate with every sip and refresh your taste buds for a full-flavoured food experience - with every bite!

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