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meet Cole Hall - the head chef at funk 2.0

The funk legends series presents: Cole Hall - the head chef at funk 2.0

At the age of 14 and a half, Cole got his first kitchen job at the local Italian restaurant - Villa da Vinci - as a kitchen hand. Falling in love with the fast pace and attitude of the kitchen life he knew this is where he belongs, driving him to start his apprenticeship.

From the Italian restaurant, Cole has built himself a legendary line up of work experience: he worked at Crown Casino restaurants such as Atrium, Bistro Guillaume and Nobu, as well as White Salt in Sorrento and then moving on to the Swan Valley at Mandoon Estate and the Henley Brook. Cole now finds himself head chef of our new venue funk 2.0, where he carefully designed a menu to match funk’s craft ciders and beers that should explode your taste buds!

Share foods take Cole back to his childhood when his family used to gather around the dining table for the monthly Sunday family roast dinner. His family also used to throw bonfire parties up at their property, where family and friends would turn up, bring a dish to share with everyone and his parents would put a sheep on a spit roast.

“Share food is such a good way to start a conversation with someone you do not know because everyone loves food or has an experience with food, and everyone can relate.” - Cole Hall

Cole finds most of his inspiration from share foods or the idea of taking what people see as basic food and turning it into more of a feast - perfect for creating memories, like the ones from his childhood.

The menu for funk 2.0 is very share orientated with tapas/entrée choices and two large share dishes with many different flavours. The solo dishes can also be shared with the solo chicken dish having a southern feel to it and the salmon dish being very fresh and light. To finish off your funk 2.0 experience try one of the desserts with the funk s’mores, the spiced chocolate mousse or the poached cider pear.

Most of the dishes on the menu include funk’s ciders, beers, hybrids or Michael Brothers'

juices in the recipe. It is a delicious treat!

Besides being an awesome chef, what does he enjoy getting up to? On Cole’s days off he enjoys riding his motorcycle or pushbike going 4-wheel driving or just hanging out with his dog polony.

Book your table at funk 2.0 to be inspired by Cole’s creations and share a feast with your friends and family.

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