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making cider great again

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

We are on a mission to make craft cider the most exciting beverage on the planet! Join us :)

Cider is one of the fastest-growing alcoholic beverages in the Australian market, but we have bigger dreams. We are aiming higher and looking for excidering results! We are on a mission to convert cider racists, to enchant the ladies, to build bromances & make cider the choice of champions.

Cider used to be the most popular and sophisticated choice in colonial America - things have changed a little bit and the advent of cheap commercial ciders, that are made with concentrate and don’t exactly deliver on flavour, has brought darkness upon us, shamed the name of cider and created a bleak era for ciders.

This is changing and the craft cider market is slowly breaking down those barriers, creating opportunities, converting sceptics, slowly rebuilding the reputation of ciders and bringing along a legion of cider lovers that are willing to make the change and spread the word - we are building an in-cider community, and that’s beautiful!

We are one of the little guys, supporting all the other small guys that are taking a chance, making something different, challenging the status quo and innovating - we are believers of taking risks, experimenting and pushing boundaries. Producing ciders that are fun, made with the best real produce, full of flavour, with engaging branding & that always deliver in quality!

We are dreaming, rolling, achieving & we are having a hella lot of fun in the process - and it is an absolute delight to see other cideries do the same. Together, we can reach people’s hearts, conquer their taste buds and convert them to CiderNation.

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