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Hopped Cider

Hopped Cider - let’s ‘hop to it’!

Call us unusual, unconventional or crazy - we know hops are usually a beer thing but this dry hopped cider is proof that you gotta risk it for the biscuit ;)

With all apples and even the packaging itself sourced from less than 300km from Perth - it's as local as it gets. To make you feel even better again - this beauty is 100% cold-pressed, fermented and canned in the beautiful Swan Valley.

This limited release cider is made from a secret blend of apples and bumped up with honey to boost the fermentable base and enrich the body. We then juiced it up and dry hopped with the sensational Mosaic hop. Watch out or this cider will get you hopping with a whopping 8% ABV!

As always this cider is proudly free from: concentrates, pasteurisation, preservatives, sulphites and added sugar.

Get your fancy on with these tasting notes:

Style: Medium-dry, dry hopped

Aroma: Berries and light hops.

Taste: This baby is juicy! The apples soften any bitterness and you are left with a hopped cider full of grape & star fruit flavours.

Mouthfeel: The combination of the honey (on the base) and hops make for a complex, full bodied cider.

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