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Funk! That's a wrap for 2022!

That’s a wrap, Funksters!

FUNK! This was a big year in the world of funk, and WHAT-A-YEAR!

Please tell us we are not the only ones wondering how did we get to December so quickly?!

2022 was full of challenges, with a collection of really great news and lots of loooong days. Internally, teamwork got us through this year - we are just funk’n lucky to work with this great bunch of people - there was never a dull moment and we were all ready to tackle all challenges as opportunities - THANK YOU, TEAM!

Our Team has grown in 2022 and we are stoked to have had some great talent joining us in our pursuit of funk - between funk cider and Michael Brothers we are now a team of 61! This year we welcomed these full-time legends:

  • Tim as the Head Brewer & Chief Fermenter

  • Justin as Head of Sales

  • Damien as Warehouse Manager

  • Mackenzie as Commis Chef

  • Jess as Assistant Venue Manager

Wise & Mark also changed their relationship status with funk from casual to full-time!!!


We spent most of 2022 building the production site at funk 2.0. This was a tough challenge - we are a family business bootstrapping our way to bigger dreams and we are very funk'n grateful for everyone's support and patience as we worked to make this dream come true.

The new production site is about 1200 square meters big - it houses our juicing rooms, a brand new brewery, our tank farm, offices and a cool room big enough to fit all the bins of fresh fruit, our kegs and our cases. PS: We will be doing tours from next year!

Funk 2.0 was granted a higher patrons capacity and the full shed is licensed - watch out for the brewer's bar coming up for a casual experimental beverage on weekends.

Funk Cider House also got a fresh revamp with screens for the bar menu, an awesome work on the lawn by Dan, the man, and one of our legendary local regulars - plus a brand new menu with vegan and vegetarian options.


Between our two Swan Valley venues, we saw over 80,000 funksters in 2022 and here’s what you enjoyed eating and drinking the most:

At funk 2.0 your favourite dishes were the cider battered cauliflower, the corn ribs and the pork belly! Your drinks of choice were the Pineapple Cider and the Hazy Pale Ale ;)

At the funk cider house, you were all over the meat to please you pizza and the funk cheeseburger! The Passion8 Cider was the drink you enjoyed the most with a very big lead followed by Pineapple Cider.

At our stockists, you couldn’t get enough of Perth Cider!

Thank you for supporting us and for choosing funk, you legends!


We are on a mission to make craft cider the most exciting beverage on the planet - our pursuit of funk is relentless and you should watch this space for 2023! With the new production site, you can bet on us committing to raising the bar once again and stretching our creative muscles - Tim is bringing with him a wealth of knowledge in fermentation that we are looking forward to sharing with you!

As part of that mission, in 2022 we have released five limited releases in cans plus some very fun small-batch keg releases only including Feijoa and Lime with Blue Spirulina Cider, Watermelon Lime Cider, Strawberry Gin Cider, Cucumber Gin Cider, Lemon Cider and Strawberry Cider.

Going beyond the cider flavour journey we released funk ginger - our take on ginger beer made with cold-pressed ginger root and our hybrids were pouring from the 2.0 taps including Shiraz Stout and Verdelho Lager.

Tim tapped his first beers starting with a super fresh West Coast IPA. The Mid Hazy has been extra popular and if you missed the Pickled Sour, sorry not sorry! That was delish!!


We have not entered many awards this year - but! Have we got some good results from the ones we did!

Perth cider was named the best medium sweet new world cider in Australia, bringing home a gold medal at the Australian Cider Awards. Pineapple Cider also scored a silver medal - credit here to James who stepped up to head cider maker this year and nailed it!

We entered our wines into the Swan Valley Wine Show with no expectations, since we make them with no added preservatives and minimal intervention. So we were super stoked to have been awarded 95 points and a Gold Medal for the 2022 Grenache, which was also a finalist for the best single red varietal in the show side by side with Sitella’s Grenache - what an honour!

Unfortunately, some great competitions did not have a cider category. We are ready to bring about the rebirth of great craft ciders and hopefully see the cider/cidery categories pop by more often at competitions.


After such a busy year literally building the foundations for a bigger, better and funkier funk, 2023 is going to be the year to put all of that to use and go wild! It’s time to let our creativity flow, to let our funky experimental side flourish and to share all of that with you through some awesome immersive experiences and our awesome stockists!

There’s a lot in the pipeline so here’s a summary of what to expect:

  • 6 Limited Release Ciders available in cans locked and loaded for February, April, June, August, October and December - Starting the year with Blood Orange & Grapefruit Cider;

  • 20+ experimental release craft ciders, hybrids and project beers available only on tap at our venues;

  • Did someone say a fresh core range? 😮

  • Production Tours;

  • Exclusive Meet the Maker events at our production site with Tim & James

  • Workshops and masterclasses on all things fermentation and food and drinks pairing - just because!

  • A very unique craft cider collab series;

  • A funky series of side-by-side craft ciders and project beers (available on tap only);

  • The launch of the Brewer’s Bar at funk 2.0 (April 2023) - 6 experimental taps pouring inside the production shed straight from the cool room with monthly food specials by Chef Cole Hall, a casual production vibe and Friday knock-off drinks with Tim and James!

  • And rumour has it that a sparkling dry cider/wine hybrid is coming in 750ml wine bottles too! Behold, funk sparkling NV ;)

Phew! What a read! What a year! What a vibe! Thank you very much for your support in 2022 and for living the funky cider of life.

We wish you all a Merry Funkmas and an Excidering New Year, full of flavour and good times!

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