Food Safety Recall: Perth Cider - Batch Best Before April 3rd 2021

Best Before 03/04/2021

The team at funk cider regret to inform our valued customers that we are recalling all Perth Cider 375ml cans from the batch with best before date of 03rd April 2021 effective immediately, due to potential for fermentation.

The cider from this batch was included in the Buy West Drink Best case by the West Australian Brewers Association. No other batches of Perth Cider are affected by this issue. 

After discovering this issue we immediately followed our Recall Plan and contacted Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, who are also issuing a recall notice. 

WA Brewers Association has been made aware of the problem. All Perth Cider cans have now been removed from the cartons.

If you have purchased the Perth Cider 375ml can with best before date of 03/04/2021 as a single can, a 4-pack, a case or in the Buy West Drink Best carton please follow instructions below on how to dispose of it immediately.


  1. Put on Protective equipment, recommended is protective eyewear and thick rubber gloves or use of a tea towel wrapped around your hand/s

  2. If you have batch BB 3/4/2021 of Perth cider in a single can, 4 pack or case format. Place the affected stock carefully into your outside household rubbish bin. 

Further steps if you have purchased the Buy West Drink Best case

  1. Place the Buy West drink Best Case on the ground outside in an open area

  2. Carefully open the top of the box and locate where the Perth Cider can is

  3. Stand to the side of the box and carefully remove the Perth Cider Can, ensuring you have your PPE on (thick rubber glove or tea towel wrapped around hand/s)

  4. Once the can is removed carefully place it directly into your outside household waste rubbish bin.

The risk of excess fermentation in the container is due to an undetected failure in the sterile filtration process - with residual fermentable sugar in the can it may continue to ferment due to the yeast that may have passed through the failed filtration process. 

This has the potential to result in an increase in ABV rendering the product not fit for sale in current packaging, as well as excessive pressure build up in the can, potentially leading to leaking or rupturing of the container. 

Funk cider is committed to safety and quality however in this case, we failed to detect this early enough as part of our routine quality checks. As such, unfortunately, it has been sent out to customers and needs to be recalled.

Please note, on the off chance that you have already consumed the cider, the liquid itself is not unsafe for consumption. 

We have already begun reviewing our procedures to prevent this problem from occurring again. We will introduce additional testing for residual fermentable sugars and increased checks before products are released into the market. We stay committed to producing shelf-stable and safe ciders that are unpasteurised and free of preservatives. We take full responsibility for this incident and declare our commitment to providing our customers and consumers with high-quality ciders. 

Funk cider is a new company that has grown quickly, and we are continuously improving our quality procedures as the company grows. We continue to improve our quality program which includes our quality manual and recall plan, sensory program, retention library and batch testing protocols (both onsite and offsite lab testing) while we build on our existing in-house lab capabilities.

We are very disappointed that this has happened, and we unreservedly apologise to our customers and to the WA Brewers Association for the inconvenience caused. We will continue working hard to enhance the quality of our products, to minimise the risk of this happening again, and use this experience to become a better cidery in the future. 

We would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding. If you have any questions, please contact us on or 0477 788 787. 

Funk Cider Team


Updated Funk Recall Notice - Perth Cider
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