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allow your taste buds to go coco loco!

It’s October 2022 and our brewer is crying a little as we add 100 kg of coconut to his mash tun as we accepted the challenge to make coconut cider once more. That’s enough coconut to make 5,600 lamingtons!

We found a cider that is harder to make than pineapple cider - When we made the coconut cider in 2020, it sold out in two weeks! And the cider maker said: “nope, we ain’t doing it again!” - it was simply funk’n hard work to make it.

This time we were looking for a coconut cider with a lighter body for a more refreshing finish to go with all of that coconut flavour. After all, we are heading into summer! To achieve this, we changed from coconut husks to desiccated coconut - which allowed for less residual coconut oil in the cider.

After infusing the cider with the coconut through the mash tun (sorry, Tim!) we decided it needed more coco-flavour. So we invented the fruit-o-matic 2000 to infuse event more coconut into this cider.

The coconut cider is truly a work of art, a combination of skills from Martin’s fruitful fermentation experience, James’ cider-making expertise & Tim’s brewing knowledge.

Refreshingly tropical and crushable, the Coconut Cider is perfect for beating the heat this summer. Smooth on the palate with a big coconut hit, there’s a deck chair and a can of Coconut calling your name.

Pair this beauty with Chef Mark’s pineapple and coconut hot chicken burger at the Funk Cider House in Caversham!

The coconut cider is available on tap at select stockists, our venues and online on November 1st.

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