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Something hot just came out of funk cider! Limited Release - Chilli Cider

August was looking like an energetic month so we decided to spice things up and bring out a Chilli Cider to speed up the warming process - Winter, we have had enough of you! The “Hot Lust” Chili Cider comes as a small batch release and stock is super limited.

It all begins with that perfect cider base made here at Funk Cider in the Swan Valley, Western Australia. For this cider, we used a secret blend of Granny Smiths & Pink Lady apples and we added local wildflower honey to boost the fermentation to another level, improving the body and adding that hint of honey sweetness needed to balance the chilli. It’s a similar base to the Passion8, so you see where we’re going here...

It took us a few different trials and some mouth-numbing tastings to get the chilli addition right. We tried different varieties, quantities and blends of chillies before we decided on the Cayenne Pepper. The winning recipe was Cider Maker Kevin’s brilliant idea to add a dash of lime to the already groovin’ party! That additional refreshing bit of zestiness keeps one coming back for - even more.

Cayenne Pepper is a moderately hot chilli pepper, commonly used to season dishes. Unlike most chilli peppers, it hangs from the bush instead of growing upright (for whatever reason you needed to know that). It is originally from Brazil and it’s believed that the name Cayenne is a variation of an old indigenous word that means pepper, so Cayenne Pepper actually means Pepper Pepper.

To make the Chilli Cider we infused it with 18 litres of cold-pressed Cayenne Pepper Juice and 80 litres of lime. The cider is wildflower honey added to boost the fermentable base. This gives it a deep, luscious body and that perfect amount of sweetness to balance the hot chilli. Let’s just say it’s as hot as its 8% ABV! To top it up we added a touch of lime to make it extra refreshing and to soften the chilli.

Style: Medium-dry, real fruit-infused

Aroma: Chilli & fruit candy

Taste: A chilli kick mid-palate that is very big on chilli taste but not overly hot, with a slightly sweet honey finish

Mouthfeel: Tingling chilli spice with a deeper body

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