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the nitty gritty


Place your booking online on this link

Group booking times available from 10am - 3pm.

Time limit of 60 minutes.

Maximum of 20 people for private bookings.

Bookings of 21+ people must be booked directly by your bus/tour company via

A deposit of $100 is required.

Packages and pre-orders are available

Tasting Paddle Deal

$15 per person

1x Tasting Paddle per person

Middy & Pizza Deal

$15 per person

1x Middy per person

1x Pizza between 2 people

Pint & Chips Deal

$15 per person

1x Pint per person

1x Large Chips between 2 people

To comply with RSA regulations, please note bar staff and security reserve the right to refuse service or entry to groups/ individuals deemed intoxicated. Enjoy your day in the Valley responsibly ;)



the nitty gritty


First things first - How large is your group?

For groups of up to 20 people: please place your booking online via this link.

For groups of 21 or more people: your booking must be placed by your bus/tour operator. Please ask them to contact our venue manager directly on:

Unless, your booking is for a weekday, in that case, please email our venue manager on

Available booking times are 10am - 3pm.

We know you really wanted that specific time slot, but.. If the time slot is no longer available online, it means it has already been taken and we can't accommodate any further bookings at that time.

Group booking categories are: 'Group Booking' for 10 - 14 people & 'Bus Booking' from 15 people.


Maximum of 50 people per booking.

We need that Booking Form 

Once your booking request has been approved, we will email you a booking form.

No booking form returned = no booking

Always read what you are signing!


Bus bookings have a 60 minutes time limit.

Your group is eligible for an extension if you are pre-ordering food, please advise on your booking request.


A $100 deposit is required.

The deposit is deducted on the week of your booking and refunded the week after as per terms and conditions on the booking form (remember to always read what you sign!)

All packages & food pre-orders must be prepaid in full.

The cost will be deducted from the credit card provided in the booking form, on the week of your booking.

The $100 deposit is waived if you have a pre-order.


Food options are available on our Group Bookings Package.

You can also pre-order directly from our menu.



No unsupervised under-aged patrons are allowed at funk.

Please advise us if you have any under 18's joining your group

Are you a tour operator? Please contact our venue manager directly on