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making cider great again

Our ciders are made from real cold-pressed fruits and are unpasteurised and preservative free. We support local farmers and our creative brewing team craft original ciders using the seasonal produce available. If you love fresh, delicious cider; you'll love FUNK. If you're not a cider fan, we're confident you've not yet tried our ciders!

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perth cider

ABV: 4.8%

A top secret blend of cold pressed granny smith and pink lady apples. This one is a classic: clean, bold and full flavoured. It's a sessionable cider with refreshing acidity.

sex machine

ABV: 4.5%

Hello, Sex Machine, you saucy minx you. This little beast is made from pink lady apples aged in French oak. It's smooth with a deep vanilla finish. For the cheekiest of cider drinkers!


ABV: 5.2%

The Saison is a dry, peppery and crisp cider that goes down a treat! Boasting a medium body, light spice and peppery yeast notes.


ABV: 8.0%

This striking cider is not for the faint of heart. A complex  passionfruit and honey infused cider.


ABV: 3.0%

Funk's legendary pineapple cider is a sure favourite! There are literally bucketloads of fresh pineapples thrown into this sweet cider. Especially made for the ladies and their partners ;)

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